Game Days

I outlined how our game days work in this previous post. If you are looking for inspiration for hosting themed game days of your own, check out the lists below for themes that we have already hosted. Included with each list is the theme and a menu of games along with player count information and a link to the game’s page on BoardGameGeek.

Themes we choose range from genres, mechanics, designers, holidays, etc.

Our group has enjoyed theme days for various reasons:

  1. Faster decision making means more time for playing
  2. Focus on getting unplayed games to the table
  3. Someone has already read the rules and is ready to teach
  4. It is fun to see the variety within some of the themes


Game days starting in 2018 will have blog posts to go with them that contain quick reviews of each game that was played. Game days prior to 2018 will only contain the menu of games that were played for the theme. Newest posts will be added to the top of this list.

Upcoming themes to look out for: Horror, Worker Placement, Games with Blue Boxes

Nostalgia: games that first got us into the hobby/first gaming loves

The Written Word: games about books/words and games based on books

Medieval: games that feature elements from this time period

Tile Placement: games that feature tile placement as a mechanic

Area Control: games that feature area control as a mechanic

Fantasy: games that feature fantasy elements such as dragons and magic

Mythology: games that feature gods/goddesses, religious aspects, creation stories

Alchemy & Magic: games that feature witches, druids, alchemy, and magic

Vine & Hops: games that feature wine making, beer crafting, prohibition, and taverns

Space: games about exploring space, worm holes, piloting spacecraft, etc.

Pirates: games featuring buccaneers sailing the open seas and looting treasure

Great Old Ones: games features stories and monsters (C’thulhu, elder gods, etc.) from the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft