I’ve started making some modular game supplements for tabletop roleplaying games! You can find them on my itch.io page.

Forage Teller: the forest is full of many things

FORAGE TELLER is a game supplement that simulates foraging for resources in the forest. Use it as a randomizer in nearly any tabletop roleplaying game when a character needs to find food, animals, plants, artifacts, etc. Interpret symbols within the context of the game you are playing.  The file comes with full color, no background color, line color, and black & white print options, as well as a blank template.

Quest Giver, MOSAIC Strict, Quest Generator

Quest Giver is a single-card quest generator for a modern fantasy setting. The generator provides the foundation for the quest, your imagination provides the rest! Go, have grand adventures!

Trash Companion, MOSAIC Strict, Animal Companion

Trash Companion is a module for an animal companion. Your companion is a shapeshifter and loves to collect food and shiny things. Sometimes this is useful and… sometimes not. Add it as a supplement to any TTRPG. The original features a raccoon/pigeon combo.

Trash Companion 2.0 features a possum/bat combo.

Trash Companion 3.0 features a fox/swan combo.

An Urgent Memo, MOSAIC Strict, Communication System

An Urgent Memo is a single-card communication system that utilizes a limited resource for managing a variety of communication methods in a modern fantasy setting. Some methods are mundane and some are more magical in nature. Add it as a supplement to any TTRPG.

The following are projects where I co-designed with folks or contributed a solo design to a larger project.

Already published:

Games for a Rainy Day: 54 micro-games, puzzles, and more by independent game designers and artists.
Edited by Nichole Shinn and Biagi Calicchia
April 2024
My project: M.O.S.T. (pgs 35-36) – a cozy, playful experience by Rebecca Strang with abode art by J. Whitten; inspired by simulation video games and pencil & paper games from childhood

Upcoming publications:

“Roll for Learning: Micro Tabletop Role-Playing Games to Use in the Classroom”
Editors: Camilla Zamboni, Matthew Farber, William Merchant
ETC Press / Carnegie Mellon
My project: Veracity, a tabletop role-playing game for high school and college students that emphasizes media literacy skills. Co-designed with Danielle Costello and Russell Brandon.

Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy
Long Tail Games
A deck of 51 cards featuring custom rules and concepts from 51 different RPG creators.
My project: Trash Companion