four animal bobbleheads made of paper (snorlax-inspired, unicorn, cat, dragon)

Bobblehead Animal Templates!

TL;DR: I created some paper bobblehead animal templates and I’m sharing them with you! You may use them freely for […]

Curators Art Header

Game Preview: Curators (Worldshapers)

I received a prototype copy of Curators to play for the purposes of writing this preview. The prototype was sent […]

Game Preview: For Glory (Spielcraft Games)

This is a preview of For Glory, a forthcoming game designed by Alex Wolf and published by Spielcraft Games with […]

Games in Tiny Boxes

Game Day: Tiny Boxes

Great games can come in tiny boxes. Even EPIC games can come in tiny boxes! This game day (March 2019) […]

Stonemaier Games: My Little Scythe, Euphoria, Viticulture/Tuscany, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Game Day: Stonemaier Games

I’m catching up on a few Game Day posts while I’m in between semesters at grad school! This game day […]

Clever Kids Mysteries (Puzzle Mystery Games for Kids)

John from Clever Kids Mysteries (CKM) contacted me to see if I’d be interested in taking a look at one […]

Webinars for Library Students and Staff

I’m nearly halfway done with my Master of Science in Library and Information Science program at UIUC and I’ve had […]

Storytime at the Library (NPL)

I’ve started doing Family Storytimes at Naperville Public Library, 95th Street, so I’ll be sharing my planning sheets here on […]