A collection of articles, interviews, and presentations related to my work with gaming in libraries.


A screenshot of an article from American Libraries Magazine that quotes me. The text says:
Seeing families huddled around the camera playing together is one of the highlights of leading gaming programs for Rebecca Strang, children’s librarian at Naperville (Ill.) Public Library. She’s been leading gaming groups online since the pandemic began. “It’s getting that social connection,” she says.
Screenshot of “Let’s Play Online” article in American Libraries Magazine

The following are articles in which I am quoted or articles about projects I have been involved with:

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Podcast and Live Show Interviews

Updated through December 2021, more to come for 2022

A screenshot of me wearing a headset in a virtual meeting
Rebecca in a virtual meeting to record for a podcast

Presentations and Events

Updated through December 2021, more to come for 2022

A screenshot of a livestream on Twitch for the GameRT Learn & Play Minecraft session, showing the central room for the Celebration map
Screenshot from GameRT Learn & Play – Minecraft

Events I hosted or presented:

Events I organized, moderated, and/or provided technical support for: