I’ve started making some modular game supplements for tabletop roleplaying games! You can find them on my itch.io page.

My husband and I host a tabletop gaming group at our house at least one Saturday every month. I wrote a blog post about how we run our game days. There’s also a running list of the themed game menus we prepare specifically for game days, as well as photos of our gaming spaces at home. I also wrote about how we organize our games (and asked others how they organize their own shelves, too!).

International gaming events that I participate in:

Conventions I have attended:

I will be adding more game menus to this section over time.

The following are various playful activities I have created (games, crafts, storytime songs/rhymes, etc.). I will add to this list as I create new activities.

There are endless blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and streams filled with gaming content. Here are a few lists I’ve put together:

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