Games in Tiny Boxes

Sometimes size matters when it comes to a game’s footprint: playing out at a restaurant/bar/cafe, limited luggage space when packing for vacation, playing with younger kiddos who get distracted by lots of pieces, only having a small coffee table at home to use for game space… Which games make your list in these situations?
The focus of my list is games with a small footprint that span various age groups and can be played in 45 minutes or less. The games on this list do not take up much table space and come in small boxes or can be placed into a smaller bag/box if the retail box has a lot of air space in it. Of course, there is the entire Tiny Epic series of games, which are great (Galaxies is my favorite so far), but what other games make the cut?
25 Travel-sized Games in order of designer/publisher minimum recommended age:
(my favorites are the eight box cover images below)

TitleAge Range# PlayersPlay Time
Dragon Rapid Fire3+2 to 410-15 mins
Rhino Hero5+2 to 55-15 mins
Cat Tower6+2 to 615-20 mins
Flashlights & Fireflies6+2 to 520 mins
Get Bit!7+3 to 620 mins
Bang! The Dice Game8+3 to 815 mins
Hanabi8+2 to 525 mins
King of Tokyo8+2 to 630 mins
Lanterns: Harvest Festival8+2 to 430 mins
Roll for It!8+2 to 430 mins
Hive9+220 mins
7 Wonders Duel10+230 mins
Anomia10+3 to 630 mins
Fairy Tale10+2 to 530 mins
Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft10+220-30 mins
Love Letter10+2 to 420 mins
Morels10+230 mins
Splendor10+2 to 430 mins
Jaipur12+230 mins
Beyond Baker Street13+2 to 420 mins
Bohnanza13+2 to 745 mins
Fairytale Gloom13+2 to 530-60 mins
Kodama: The Tree Spirits14+2 to 540 mins
Pixel Glory14+2 to 425 mins

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