Greg and I will hit the road to Indianapolis, IN tomorrow for Gen Con. We have been looking forward to the trip for months and are very excited about all the things we have planned while we are there. In my previous post, I listed all of the workshops and seminars that I will be doing. In this post, I will talk about some of the interviews that I have lined up and the games that we are looking forward to seeing at the con.


While I will try to grab a few words from various publishers, distributors, designers, etc. while I am at Gen Con, a few companies reached out to me over the past few weeks to schedule interviews. My scheduled interviews are with:
HABA USA | Inquisitive Playthings

We are a wood manufacturing company known for our high-quality baby and children’s toys, as well as our children’s games and block sets. We view ourselves as a “single source supplier” for children. We are expanding our product portfolio beyond wood products using the same high quality standards for which we are known. Thus, HABA also offers plush toys, games and textiles, for example. Our play “inventors” and designers put great care and thought into the creation of our products. Parents themselves, they are sensitive to the needs of our children. Their ideas are transformed by the use of materials which undergo continuous controls and careful inspection. Naturally, our toys comply and often exceed safety standards! HABA products may be found in well-stocked toy stores around the globe.

Brain Games | Play. Think. Enjoy.

Few board game enthusiasts established Brain Games in 2004 to introduce the popular game “Settlers of Catan” to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ever since our team has been working to develop board gaming culture in the Baltics. Everyone in our team loves board games and we are all grateful to do what we love. We believe that board games are a perfect tool to bring people together in this era of screens and social networks.

Brain Games has been localizing and distributing board games and is now the largest board game distributor in the Baltic countries. We also run three specialized board game stores in Riga, Tartu and Tallinn, which take active part in promoting the board game hobby and supporting the community.

In 2011 development and publishing of own games was started and later Brain Games Publishing was established, concentrating on publishing new original games. Several new games are published every year. Our games are available in more than 30 countries.


Founded by industry veteran David Reid in 2016, we are a Seattle-area indie developer dedicated to empowering communities of creators through accessible self-publishing platforms. By fostering a collaborative, connected, creative community, we hope to build platforms to mitigate barriers often encountered by creators trying to publish their works.


The following games are things we are already interested in bringing home with us:

The following are games that we are curious about and will definitely check out at the con:

The following are games that we have already backed or preordered, but want to see in person for demos at the con:

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