DIY Crafty Gamer, Issue 14

I saw this gorgeous church in the Tabletop Crafters Guild on Facebook and asked its creator, Emma Svensson, if we could find out more about it. Read on to learn about this project and see some of the other projects that Emma has made for Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

To Play Is Human: What game is this project for and why did you make it?
Emma Svensson: I made the project for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and I made it to give the gaming table a little update. Often, you will only see these dark grey buildings, but this is fantasy, so why not make the setting even more fantastical?
TPIH: Is this your first tabletop crafting project? If not, how did you get started with tabletop crafting?
Emma: No, it’s not my first, though I’m no expert either. I guess I like tabletop crafting because it lets you get the feeling of actually building a fantasy world.
TPIH: What was the process for creating the church? What tools and supplies did you use?
Emma: The chuch is built out of foam board. I peeled the paper of one side and used a textured rolling pin to make the stone texture.
The door and window frames are made out of Miliput. I sculpted the door and a window with Fimo and then made a mold.
The ivy climbing the walls come from small seeds from a birch tree that I’ve glued onto the walls and painted. The roof is textured plastic card that I’ve painted and given a heavy wash with blue ink.
Overall the process is quite easy if you break it into smaller bits and I really enjoyed working on this piece and especially using brighter colors. I know most roof are not blue, but this is supposed to be a high fantasy building so I’m not aiming for realism but for storytelling and fun.
TPIH: What advice would you give to someone thinking about a similar project? Any specific resources you would recommend?
Emma: Go for it! It’s a lot of fun and even if your first projects may not turn out perfect they are way better than a flat tabletop with books for hills and books for buildings.
TPIH: What does your crafting work space look like?
Emma: I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated hobby area which is a great help! My favorie tools include my scalpel, color changing coler, my aitbrush and textured rolling pins.
TPIH: What do you enjoy about tabletop crafting or crafting in general?
Emma: I enjoy making the world come to life. To see your ideas take form in real life and not just as a sketch or vague idea. You need to get really concrete, when your trying to go from idea to crafting project.
TPIH: What are your current favorite games?
Emma: I mainly play Warhammer Age of Sigmar and enjoy it very much.
TPIH: Thank you so much for sharing you project with us, Emma! I love all the detail in your buildings and can’t wait to see what you create next!


Do you have a tabletop gaming project that you’ve created? Contact me with some information and photos. No project is too big/small — as long as you made it yourself and you use it when you game, it is eligible for submission! I would love to see projects for board game upgrades and accessories, RPGs, miniatures (I would love to see mini paint jobs!), terrain, dice towers, custom playmats, custom dice, or anything else you have made.

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