There is a lot of gaming content out there! These are some of my favorite blogs to read:

Beyond Solitaire is a site dedicated to solo board games and to sharing how much fun it is to play them. Here, you’ll find news, reviews, and playthroughs of board games that can be played solo, including both solitaire games and cooperative games that can be enjoyed by one player.”

Meeple Like Us “We’re a group of gaming academics, developers, hobbyists and enthusiasts.  We have a keen interest in board games, tabletop games, video games, and all things in-between. It is our intention on this site to offer reviews and teardowns of tabletop gaming titles.  We’ll be looking at these with an emphasis on the wider context of the games, especially that of how accessible the games are in a physical, cognitive or sociological sense. “

The Meeple Street

The Meeple Street’s intention is to share board game reviews and board gaming related discussion with enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Following this blog means you will get reviews on both new and old games; be able to participate in discussions and share stories about gaming; hear more about my experiences with gaming; and you can enjoy watching my follies (and hopefully development) in painting miniatures.”

Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games (Blog) “We strive to create memorable, beautiful, fun games that engage and delight gamers worldwide. We hope that our games capture the imaginations of experienced gamers and new gamers alike. We also seek to add value to our fellow creators and backers in a way that extends beyond board games by sharing our crowdfunding and entrepreneurial successes, mistakes, and insights.”

What's Eric Playing?

What’s Eric Playing? “My name’s Eric! I’m a software engineer (focusing mostly on education, specifically in computer science), but in my free time I play some board games, y’know, casually. I also dabble in some video games and Netflix, but honestly for this blog I’ll be sticking to board games. Keep it focused, yeah? The point of this blog is just to talk about some games I’ve been playing recently and make recommendations to friends / anyone who is interested in reading it. If you want to see a game featured here, let me know!”

Punch Board Media

Punchboard Media is a supportive network of board game media content creators committed to promoting games as a way to bring together families, friends, and board game enthusiasts across the globe, while advocating for openness, fairness, and inclusion in the community.