There is a lot of gaming tools and resources out there! Rules videos! Custom player aids! Gaming databases! Game night menu generators! RPG management tools! These are some of my favorites:

Board Game Caddie is an online tool designed to help you decide which board game to play. All you need to use the Caddie is a account with an up to date collection list!

You can filter your collection by the number of players, rating and play time. And if you still can’t decide? Just hit the “Roll the dice” button and the Caddie will select a game for you!”

If you need information on board games, BoardGameGeek (BGG) has TONS of information… from game descriptions, rulebooks, user ratings, forum discussions, user photos, and more… You can create your own account to track your own game collection and wishlist, too. Find me here.

“Board Game Geek (BGG) is a board game database – a collection or catalog of data and information on traditional board games. The game information recorded here is intended for posterity, historical research, and user-contributed ratings. All the information within our database was meticulously and voluntarily entered on a game-by-game basis by our user base – You. This information is freely offered through flexible queries and “data mining”.”

Board Game Stats (BG Stats) is an app that lets you track game play and get insight reports based on your data. You can also set and track challenge goals if you want to target play for a specific set of games. The app is driven by BoardGameGeek’s game database, so the BG Stats app is most useful when you sync it with a BGG account.

D&D Beyond is an official digital source of Dungeons & Dragons content. Basic rules information is free and anything beyond that can be accessed for a fee or subscription. You can build characters; look up rules, items, spells, and monsters; create and share homebrew content; interact with other players on the forums; and more.

The Esoteric Order of Gamers (EoG) has the BEST player aids and game summaries. Player aids are streamlined, game summaries are clear and concise. And, there are aids/summaries for 270+ games!

Quantric Foundry has a Board Games Motivation Profile tool, as well as one for Video Games. You can fill out a 5-7 minute survey and get a customized report that outlines your gaming traits. You can compare your traits to others and get game suggestions based on your traits

Watch It Played!

“Board games are fun! Here you’ll find complete tutorials, play throughs, fun top 10 lists, and an assortment of other entertainment!”

World Anvil is an award winning RPG campaign management and collaboration platform. It can be used by players, game masters, content writers, and creatives. There are free and paid accounts.