3 Thoughts on “Gloomhaven Painted Minis”

  • Thanks! Here are the details on the summoner.
    For the mini, I primed in white (though in retrospect, grey might have been a better choice or black with white zenithal highlighting). I then used a purple wash for the entire figure (citidel leviathan purple). I mainly use P3 paints otherwise. I highlighted the edges in a couple of whites. For the skin, I glazed over the purple to bring it back to a color similar to the character card, blacked out the eyes and gave a little red to the lips. I glazed over the boots in brown lightly at the top and heavier at the bottom to capture a fade effect. I layered whites on the staff to bring it up to a brighter white color so that it stands out from the body. I also gave the lower edge of the cloak a very light brown to give it a little fade effect similar to the boots.
    For the disc, I cut out a circle from a mini blister pack. I used a Olfa compass cutter for this (https://www.amazon.com/OLFA-9911-Compass-Circle-Cutter/dp/B000BK7NWC). This cutter worked nicely since I wanted a hole in the center. I then cut from the center straight to an edge with an x-acto blade. This allowed me to easily put the disk on the arm but that part will come later.
    The scariest part was the Luke Skywaker moment of cutting off the hand. At this point, I figured that this better work but I figured if it didn’t work, I could pin the hand back on. The summoner has a bracelet on that arm and I cut outside of it (leaving the bracelet on the mini). This bracelet will help hold the disk on. The slit in the disk allowed me to easily put the disk on and have it butt up against the bracelet. Here I had to bore out the hole so that it fit the arm. I used a round file to expand the hole to the desired size.
    I painted the disk, first in solid blue and then making white swirls and painting on the runes. I painted both sides. They are not exactly the same but similar. After painted. I put a little glue around the arm by the bracelet and mounted the disk. I added a little glue on the arm on the side of the disc away from the bracelet to give a little more hold. I then painted the wrist/bracelet in the same blue as the disc. There is a little visible nub on the outside of the bracelet but I’m ok with it as it really holds the disc in place well.

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